How to cook buldak ramen without boiling water

We are all aware of the fact that boiling water is not the easiest thing to do. So, we have to boil some water in order to make buldak ramen.

But what if we could cook it using only a microwave oven? Or, how about a pot of water? We may cook our dishes in the microwave ovens but we would like to make it easier and simpler by making our buldak ramen in a pot.

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The ultimate goal of cooking buldak ramen is so that we can just toss everything into the cooker and forget about it.

We will also be able to use all the ingredients in our kitchen at a faster rate.

Some of these ingredients include buldak ramen, soy sauce and ketchup that we would have to buy anyway.

This article is assuming you know how to make buldak ramen but not yet.

If this is your first time making it then I will also assume you have also made it before so you can read it in full and not just skim through it.

This recipe is specially adapted to the Ketchum / Dollarama collaboration menu. It’s named “Buldak Ramen” which means “It’s a good thing”.

We give you with a special side of buldak ramen that has no preservatives or additives, just salt and soya sauce.

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How to Cook Ramen Bludrak Without Hot Water

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